Horses, Rodeo, Wine, Travel…oh my


Love horses? How about wine? Have you ever walked into someone’s house and whatever their passion, it’s plastered everywhere? I love Western and Rodeo themes for decorating my home. And I love wearing scenes from carefully selected tapestry themes. I can do this with my custom denim jackets.

Wine and dreams of travel and depictions of wild rivers and an ardent fisherman reeling in a fighting fish. There are more ways to express your passion than hanging a stuffed fish on the wall or buying collectibles.

People will stop you on the street, strangers, and ask where you got your custom denim jacket with the colorful tapestry scenes. Tell them Embellished by Dottie and hand them a supplied card of where they can go for their very own specially designed jacket. Go to the Contact page and send me your questions. Or call. Hope to hear from you soon.