Per my loyal customers, a new product!


For several months, I have been working on a new product for the December show in Las Vegas. The birth of this product is a result of my “preacher” mouth, or ways and attitude, which have always been: nothing goes to waste!  Growing up in a family of six children is the root cause of this mandatory attitude. My mother would have said “Necessity is the mother of invention”, and this I have always done from the kitchen to the sewing room (which has another name given to it by a young man named Skyler; that however is another story for another post).

When in search of fabric for the original line of Embellished By Dottie jackets, I looked at fabric on line, in stores–anywhere possible. I went as far as the Pendleton factory in Oregon, looking for the new and out of the ordinary designs and quality.  I did not follow all of my great “preaching ” skills until my sewing room closet overflowed into the family room, upstairs bedrooms and into a storage area! Now, fast forward to today.

Many of these fabrics did not fit the inch requirements of the “repeat of the pattern” to create a beautiful jacket back. I knew I needed to clean out and do something with the yards and yards of beautiful prints and themed fabrics piling up that could not be used in the jackets. Then I remembered what a hit my pillows in my living room have been with visitors and friends. For years I have designed and featured pillows in my living room; I don’t know why this new line took me so long! Suffice to answer, all things come in their own good time.

With the help of a talented seamstress that has years of pillow making experience, I embarked on the task of coordination and design of the best fabrics, prints and cording, As always, the elements and labor of these products are local to the Ozarks, or close proximity. These pillows are part of my Made In America movement. (I will talk more on this topic and the importance of Made In America in another post.)

Rodeo pillowMany of you have asked: “Do you have any pillows?” Now, I can answer, YES.  I am anxious to hear your feedback to determine if these new items are as accepted as art and functional elements for your home as are my jackets in your fashion selection.  A zippered opening allows you to insert a pillow form based upon your choice of firmness. I look forward to posting photos soon to this web site for those of you that can not be in Las Vegas to see and feel the experience first hand.

As always hope to see you in Vegas!


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