September Closing In and Soon Jackets Out of the Closet


Hi folks,

It is amazing to me how time flies. We all say it: “Man, how time flies.” “Time passes quicker the older I get.” “I remember when I was a kid the summer flew by and the school months dragged.” Fall is on the horizon, and many of you are going back to school.

But, with the changing seasons, those beautiful jackets you purchased in past years can be brought out and worn again. The denim is perfect for the cooler fall and early winter days, and even some of the milder winter ones. Hopefully, you washed the jacket before storing for the season. But, if you didn’t it is an easy task.

All of the themes–western, wine, horses, any design created by Embellished by Dottie–are completely machine washable and can be dried in a normal dryer–warm or cool  settings are recommended. Woolite dark color wash product is good for cleaning the jackets; however, Tide works just as well. It is not necessary to buy special product to launder your jacket.

One of my customers told me the other day that she had given out her last card that I always put in the pocket of a new jacket. The condition, the only condition, when you purchase one of my jackets is to hand out a card to everyone that compliments you on your gorgeous new jacket. It is a great way to spread the word and is fun. My customer told me that she gets some funny looks when she says, “Wait, I have to give you something because you complimented my jacket.” When she hands them the card there are a variety of responses, from appreciation to sometimes a look of skepticism but always the person takes the card. I have sold jackets to those admirers and they get to hand out cards when folks compliment their jacket.

There are many things to be said about having an Embellished By Dottie jacket. One of them is you will stand out in the crowd, with a timeless jacket that says you know good fashion. My jackets last for years with proper care and storing for seasons.

Go to my marketplace and see all the different designs. You can go to the magnify page and look closely at the designs. Check out is easy, payment through PayPal. I hope to hear from you soon.


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