How it all began

My journey into retirement brought me from a California home to the Arkansas Ozarks. When relocating I was so fortunate to be able to decorate our home in my chosen style. The Ozarks are one of the foremost areas for hunting, fishing and nature activities of all kinds. Through the quest of getting things right in my home I discovered many wonderful tapestry fabrics that related to the best of the Ozarks.

I moved my new found love of tapestry fabric to items that could be worn. This way I could choose what I wanted to be or where I wanted to go that day. I could be a cowboy, fisherwoman or a world traveler for a night. Jackets could be changed much easier than home decorating.

From this love of tapestry, which began with the decorating of my home and evolved to the art of clothing design, came Embellished By Dottie. I’ve moved back to California, and reside in horse country again. And vineyard and nature and motorcycle country. 

Two parts of the country, yet comparable in so many ways. 

Dottie DaRonco

The jackets featured on this site, are here for your inspiration. Go to the menu item Designs Magnified and get an up close and personal view of the design and work. Zoom in on the detail. Themes cover Western, Nature/Fishing, Travel, Wine, and Wheels (motorcycles and cars).
Next, contact me under the menu Contact. You can email me first or call me. Tell me your ideas. We’ll talk. I’ll sew. You’ll wear a jacket created by Embellished by Dottie.